About Sugar

Serving Clients Since 2018

When in need of removing those unwanted patches of hair, Beau Sucré seems like the right spot to drop by. This is because the salon offers two hair-removal solutions: sugaring and waxing. Sugaring—also known as Persian waxing—is a method whose beginning reaches as far as 1900 BC. It relies on a sugaring paste that is made from products such as sugar, water and lemon juice, and which removes the hair without attaching to the skin. Waxing, on the other hand, uses a waxing solution, which can be removed with a cloth and strips—strip waxing—or peeled off once it hardens—stripless waxing.

Benefits of sugaring is that it is all natural, so it works as a natural exfoliator taking off all the dead skin and dirt vs wax takes off a layer of skin. If I miss a strangler or two with the sugar I can go back and grab it vs with the wax I can only go over the area one time. You never leave sticky with sugar and if you are sticky which can happen on rare occasion, comes off with water or a wet wipe. Wax always leaves you sticky, which needs to be taken off with oil, and cause ingrowns. Sugar is never hot, so you leave less irritated/red vs wax is always hot, leaving you very irritated. With sugar you can come every 3-5 weeks, which means less hair less pain vs with wax you need to have hair, so the wait time is 4-6 weeks, longer wait time and more painful. When applying the sugar, I apply against the hair and pull with the natural direction the hair is growing out, getting the hair from the root every time, hopefully causing damage/killing the hair follicle to have the hair not grow back. Wax on the other hand, you apply with the direction the hair is growing out and pull against the hair, causing some of the hair to break off at the skin. This can cause ingrowns which can be very irritating/painful to have. You will see better results with the sugar than with waxing.