It is produced from Organic Cotton which is more skin friendly. The product has been given a distinct color (Pastel Green thread) for easy identification between regular and organic threading thread.

It has been imparted with high strength using extra long staple length cotton to ensure less breakage while application. Organica is an exclusive premium quality of threading thread made by using finest quality of organic cotton cultivated for the purpose.

This a great service if you can not get sugaring or waxing done. Sugaring or Waxing can not be done if you are on Accutane, any prescribed acne medication or any retinols.



Quality Services for Dashing Results

Brow Clean Up Threading


This is just a clean up, and there will be no shaping of the eyebrows. Must be done every 2-4 weeks.

Brow Shaping Threading


This is if you have bushy brows and need a shape. Still leaving brows thick/natural but beautiful.

Facial Threading


This includes sideburns, lip, chin. Excludes eyebrows and nose.

Lip Threading


This is just your upper lip area.

Chin Threading 


Everything underneath the bottom lip, and chin bone area.

Sideburns Threading


This is right by your ears and can go a little bit past your jawline.


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