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Founded in 2018, Beau Sucré offers Sugaring/Waxing in San Diego, committed to giving you the hairless look you’ve always wanted. There is an extensive selection of services to choose from so you can get exactly what you need. Click "Book Now" and see how I can help you today!​

All services are by appointment only. The calender opens up 30 days in advance from the current calendar date. 

For any question or concerns, please text me with your First and Last name at 619-866-9652

Se habla Español.





Per CDC and California State Law on May 8th, all client's must wear a mask to receive service.

Those who are NOT wearing a mask will be denied service and will be charged up to 100% of the service(s).

All client's and client's children will have their temperature checked with a Contactless Thermometer. If you or your child have a temperature of 100 degrees or over, you will be turned away, and charged up to 100% of the service(s) for not canceling the day before.

Small children must be in strollers or car seats. Although welcomed, if possible please leave children with a care giver. (Refer to the Children Policy for more information.)

Please refrain from bringing your friends or family to your appointment(s). They will NOT be allowed into the treatment room. Our waiting area is a shared space with all of the Spa Section, please have your friends or family (boyfriend, husband, sister, etc) wait in the car, unless it is your small/young children (refer to Children Policy for more information).

Please wait in the waiting area or in your car for your appointment. Send me a text with your First and Last name letting me know you are here.

Please do NOT wait by the door or in the hallway.

Please NO outside food or drinks allowed in the Salon.

If you have allergies, please have a doctor's note, or bring your prescription medication with name on it or take a picture of your allergy medication with your name on it.

Please stay home and reschedule your appointment(s) if you have a fever, or mild cough with Flu-like, Common Cold, or COVID-19 symptoms, at least 2 weeks after you are well.

If you come to your appointment with a fever, or mild cough with Flu-like, Common Cold, or COVID-19 symptoms, you will be turned away, and charged up to 100% of the service(s) for not canceling the day before.

If you need help canceling/rescheduling, please text me with your First and Last name @619-866-9652.

For more information, please refer to CDC official website:


By Appointment Only

All appointments at Beau Sucré are by appointment only.

The way to make an appointment is by clicking the "Book Now" button on this website. 

Credit Card information is required to reserve an appointment. You will not be charged, unless you no show, cancel after the 24 hour window policy, or show up extremely late to your appointment.


Cancellation/No Show 

Beau Sucre´ allows you to cancel service appointments up to 24 hours before the start time.

By booking, you authorize this business to charge your credit card a no-show/late cancellation fee of up to 100% of the scheduled value should you miss your visit without proper notification. 

If you no show or cancel last minute twice in a row, you will have to put a minimum 50% nonrefundable deposit of the service you want to book.

If your card gets declined from the no show/last minute cancellation fee, you will be blocked from booking until you have paid the fee.



Client's get up to 15 minutes to be late, otherwise you will be turned away and charged for your service appointment. 

If you have a 15 minute appointment you only get 5 minutes to be late.

COVID-19 has shorten the tardiness time. If you have a 30 minute appointment, you only get 10 minutes to be late. If you have a 15 minute appointment, there is no time to be late.



Groupon is for first time customer's only. 

When using a 2 pack, after redeeming the first voucher, you must use your second voucher within 5 weeks. If you have been lasered or have very sparse hair for other reasons, please contact me so I can extend the time limit for you.

I do accept expired Groupon's, but if it is a 2 pack, it will only count as one Brazilian sugar or wax.

For 18 year's and older only. Women only.



All service sales, retail items, and gift cards sales are final.

All of our packages, auto-pays, gift cards, Groupon's are not transferable to other client's, and cannot be combined with other discounted offers. Also, we do not offer cash refunds for our packages, auto-pays, or gift certificates, however we will honor an equal exchange (credit) for other services. 



Packages for Sugaring will expire.

You have 12 weeks (3 months) in between each one of your visits to use the next one. ***Starting January 1, 2021, it will be every 2 months.***

For example: You come today and use 1/4 on your package. You have 3 months from today's date to use 2/4, otherwise 2/4 will expire. 

Any other questions please feel free to ask me.

Packages for EpilFree will expire.

You have to come every 3 to 5 weeks to use one of your visits.

If you do not, one will expire.

Under 18 Year's Old

Under 18 year's old must be accompanied by a parent (mom or dad) or legal guardian to be able to get any services done.

Parent (mom or dad) or legal guardian are the only ones that can sign the consent paperwork and give consent to get any services done. 

Parent (mom or dad) or legal guardian must stay in the room while the minor is getting their service done.



All ages are welcomed.

Car seats or strollers are a must for little ones and will fit in the service room.

I do have a curtain your children can sit behind.

There is also a waiting area where your children can sit.

Please NO outside food or drinks allowed in the service room.

Only bottles allowed.

(619) 866-9652

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