Frequently Asked Questions


Sugaring & Waxing


Pain Level?

Remember your hair is anchored about 2mm deep into your skin with some hairs being attached with capillaries in their active phase of growth.

The pain level will be more intense in areas that have more hair density vs other regions with less hair.

Your first time will be more difficult than your second time as the growth becomes more sparse, thin, and patchy. So please do not allow your first time to scare you away. 



If you believe that you need more time in between services, allow for me to help you decide. Typically with waxing or sugaring it is best to space visits 3-5 weeks apart. This is so that the active hairs, Anagen hairs, may be affected by the treatment. In other words, to hopefully damage/kill the hair follicles to have the hair not grow back. When the hair is sparse the pain level is not as high and the service time is shorter/faster. This will happen over a timely matter.



As you are diligent about continuing services, and following your post treatment care, you will notice visits become easier.



For optimum results, it is best to wait 2-3 weeks for hair to regrow. The wax or sugar needs something to grab on too.

If hair is too short, you will be turned away and not receive any services. Also, when the hair is too short it is more painful and you will not get good results and will leave patchy. 


Time of the Month?

It is ok to come on your Lady Time, just please wear a tampon or Diva cup. I do at least one client every day that I work on their Lady Time. I do have wipes that I offer for you to use at your convience. Also, have tampons on hand in case she came early for you to have.

You may be more sensitive before you start your Lady Time, while you are on it, or afterwards.

You have up to 24 hours to cancel/reschedule your appointment if you wish not to come while on it.


After Work/Gym?

I offer wipes for you to use. There is also a bathroom for you to use as well before your appointment.




What are the advantages of the Epilfree system compared with laser or Electrolysis?

The Epilfree System is suitable for all hair types and colors; including red, blonde, grey and downy hair. Treatment with the preparation offers higher efficiency when compared to other professional methods. The medical team of K.Y.P Cosmetic Technology claims prevention of hair regrowth for a long period of time with an efficacy of 90%. There is no risk of skin damage, that some people are prone to, as a result of optical depilation procedures and there is no limitation on exposure to the sun after treatment, except the day of. Treatments may be safely offered at a competitive price compared to more expensive laser and electrolysis, which allow it to be more accessible to more people. Epilfree can also be used along with laser to treat hair colors and skin types that laser is unable to treat. There is no specialized training necessary to achieve incredible results and Epilfree. But we do ask that all professionals be certified by an Epilfree trainer.

Treatment with the preparation offers higher efficiency compared to other treatments.  The medical team of K.Y.P Cosmetic Technology claims prevention of hair regrowth for a long period of time with an efficacy of 80%.

Treatment with the preparation is suitable for all types of hair, including light hair. 

This applies in particular to treatment of facial hair.  Moreover, there is no risk of skin damage to which some people are prone as a result of optical depilation procedures and there is no limitation on exposure to the sun after treatment.

Treatment with the preparation does not require use of expensive equipment operated by a medical team, so it may be offered at a competitive price compared to other treatments.  In addition, one can become convinced of the efficacy of treatment individually by taking a single treatment without having to make a sizeable long-term financial commitment.


Does the treatment suit everybody?

Epilfree works on everyone and is safe enough for children who may have unwanted body or facial hair. It can be used on any and all parts of the body. The treatments are safe and there is no danger of skin pigmentation or burns. It inhibits hair re-growth and will reduce the frequency of waxing more and more as it's used. The results of treatment with the serums is higher than that of treatment by other methods.

The treatment is intended for women as well as men and it may be carried out over any part of the body.  Moreover, one can undergo a series of treatments also at a young age, relative to the competitive methods. The treatment is made possible because it inhibits hair re-growth and provides a substitute to hair removal with wax or any other epilator tool.  For example, treatment with the preparation will bring down the required frequency of epilation treatments to a single treatment in each season.


How many treatments are necessary?

Like laser hair removal, a series of 8-12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas. The need for a series of treatments is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10-15% of the hair on your body at any one time in the anagen stage where Epilfree can be effective. The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts. We tell our customers to count on twelve. In cases of hormonal issues, more visits with more frequently can be expected.


Is the product safe in use?

The preparation received approval by Health authorities of the European common market. The lotion is manufactured at an approved cosmetic plant. 

The preparation contains active ingredients and therefore pregnant and breast-feeding women should not use it.  This limitation has been decided by the company as a precaution in order to refrain from use of the preparation in such cases.  The preparation should not be used on irritated or damaged skin. 

Use of the preparation does not involve any side-effects and it is safe for use.  However, application should be stopped upon the appearance of signs of irritation, in which case, the user must consult a cosmetician.  In most cases the appearance of a reddening, red spots or rash is due to the use of wax.


I am a woman interested in removing facial hair.  Can I be treated?

The preparation can be used on all body parts.  The preparation is safe and there is no danger of pigmentation or burn, as compared with other treatments. 

I am a man and I have undergone treatment at the nape and shoulders.  I see marked improvement but still no complete depilation.  What can be done?
There are areas in a man's body and also in a woman's body in which hair growth is hormonally conditioned and therefore hair growth is repeatedly renewed.  Treatment with the preparation thins out the hair and inhibits further hair growth.  In order to reach full results, perhaps a larger number of treatments than the average will be needed.  However, efficacy of treatment with the preparation is higher than that of treatment by other methods.


Keratin Lash Infusion


Can Keratin Lash Infusion damage the lashes?

No, Keratin Lash Infusion has a 100% damage free guarantee


How long does the lift last for?

It will last about 6-8 weeks with proper care.


When can you get your lashes wet?

24-48 hours after the treatment