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Brazilian Wax


This is completely everything gone. You can leave a triangle or landing strip, totally up to you.

French Bikini Wax


This is very similar to the Bikini Sugar but includes rear end (between the cheeks).

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Bikini Wax


This only cleans up what sticks out of the Bikini, everything in the middle stays.

Brow Wax Clean Up


This is just a clean up, and there will be no shaping of the eyebrows.

Wax Removal_edited.jpg

Brow Wax Shaping


This is if you have bushy brows and need a shape. Still leaving brows thick/natural but beautiful.

Nose Wax


This is done one nostril at a time with hard wax.

Wax Removal_edited.jpg

Facial Wax


This includes sideburns, lip, chin. Excludes eyebrows and nose.

Lip Wax


This is just your upper lip area.

Wax Removal_edited.jpg

Chin Wax


Everything underneath the bottom lip, and chin bone area.

Sideburns Wax


This is right by your ears and can go a little bit past your jawline.

Wax Removal

Underarms Wax


This is so you can wear your tank tops/summer dresses.

Rear End Wax


This is only between the cheeks, excluding cheeks.


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