Preparation Guidelines


Sugaring & Waxing


Hair Length

Your hair should be no longer than or shorter than 1/2 inch (grain of rice). It will be uncomfortable for you when these requirements are not met. If you just shaved, wait 2-3 weeks of no shaving before getting serviced in any areas. If your hair is too long please trim down to prefer length of 1/2 inch with scissor over comb or personal electric shaver with guard on.


Systemic Medications

Hormonal treatments, change in birth control, antibiotics, anti-acne medications, blood thinners, etc. 

Make sure you check with your Doctor/Physician if it is ok to receive any waxing/sugaring services, if you are taking any of the above medications. Sometimes certain medications can cause the skin to have a longer recovery time or even lifting. 

Brand new birth control and hormonal medication can make the skin extra sensitive in the first 3-6 months, which can mean it will be more painful. It does get easier the more you continue to come regularly. 

Antibiotics, Anti-acne medications can thin out the skin, which can lead to the skin lifting causing scaring.

Blood thinners can make the skin more sensitive causing irritation and redness more than usual.


Topical Treatments

Doctor prescribed medications such retinoids or any skin resurfacing ointments can cause sensitivity and/or lifting as they are considered to be a type of exfoliant or skin renewal medicine. Any waxing or sugaring during the use of these treatments is strongly discouraged. Double check with your Doctor/Physician to make sure it is ok to get a wax or sugar if you are getting it done in an area that is being treated.



Chemical, Mechanical, Physical

The wax or sugar will naturally exfoliate the skin during the procedure. So please reframe from any form of exfoliation the day of or the day after getting your service. 


Tanning or Sun Exposure

It is important to keep the area you intent to wax or sugar away from UV exposure the day before, of, and after your service. Waxing or Sugaring with naturally exfoliate your skin and make photosensitive.



Alcoholic beverages and caffeine can dehydrate the skin causing it to be more sensitive. Be cautious of your consumption the day before and of your appointment. Too much can be detrimental to the skin.


If you take these steps into consideration you will be pleased with the results of your services.



Must come showered, clean and dry.

No lotions, creams, oils, or deodorant of any kind can be on skin.


Post Treatment 


Sugaring & Waxing


Wear loose clothing in the first day or two after receiving services.

Do not do anything to encourage profuse sweating. Ex: jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, intense exercise at least for the first 24-48 hours depending how sensitive your skin is. Sweat has bacteria and your pores are wide open since the hair is being pulled from the root. You want to avoid ingrowns and infections from sweat.

For those who receive Brazilian, French Bikini, or Bikini services, please reframe from any intimacy with your significant other for at least 24-48 hours after receiving the service.  

After 24-72 hours start to exfoliate your skin every other day with a scrub or exfoliating glove. I do sell these products, along with other products to help keep the skins integrity. 




We ask that you stay out of the sun for 24 hours after treatment.

No sweating or getting wet for 6 hours afterwards. 

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